Ziegler Family Reunion

John and Louise Ziegler
84 living descendants across 6 generations

Picture from 2001 Reunion with 46 in attendance
Also Invited
Descendants of
Henry Ziegler and
Christina Ziegler Dirr

(brother and sister of John Ziegler)

Saturday, July 22, 2006
12 noon, food at 1 pm
at Carr Park, Manchester, MI
(same place as 2001)
$15 each, $5 age 10 and under

Special Attraction
"Magic by Daryl"

10 of the 16 third
generation cousins

Please reply by June 15

 8 of 36 fourth generation cousins

  There are 26
fifth generation cousins
For questions,
please contact Aunt Eleanor at
eleanorpetty@webtv.net or 734 623-0778
There are 5
sixth generation cousins
  I/we will attend Ziegler Family Reunion on Saturday, July 22, 2006, 12 noon  
at Carr Park, Manchester, MI
  I/we can't attend, but wish everyone well.

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