Zenith Brass Concepts 

Tone Use breath support, good posture and firm embouchure
Intonation Adjust your pitch
Tempo and Style Watch the baton
Dynamic Range  Play six levels of dynamics
Articulation Play four lengths of notes
Slurs Use tongue height and horn angle
Rhythm Subdivide the beat
Release Release on the beat
Accidentals & Key  Use a pencil to remember
Balance  Listen for the melody and adjust your volume 

Every Note You Play 

All the concepts are important, but you should be conscious of and use apply these good habits each and every note you play 

Tone, Intonation, Tempo and Style, Dynamic Range




Zenith Percussion Techniques

Setup and Planning Write the needed instruments in the upper left hand corner of the first page!
Put needed accessories on table (in front of you) for each piece
Setup according to the diagram; modify if needed for each piece
Bring your own stick bag
Use an Assignment Sheet to track who plays what and what is needed for each piece
Timpani Use a pitch pipe to tune timpani
Tune up to the note
Play 3” from the edge
Roll slower on low notes, faster on high notes
Use upstroke
Tune base note to 32-D, 29-F, 26-Bb, 23-D  
Bass Drum Generally at 30° angle
Use left side muffle only for marches; other times be certain to muffle left side at ensemble cut-off
Play BD/Cym accents loudly in marches
Snare Drum Use larger sticks for field drum
Turn off snares when not in use
Small Instruments Hold all small instruments at eye level
Use cord mallet on woodblock
Use triangle vibrato on slow music
Tambourine Use knuckles for loud and finger tips for soft
Start shake rolls with a knuckle or finger tip
Turn 15° sideways so jingles don’t sound after playing
Suspended Cymbal Roll on opposite sides of cymbal (9 o'clock & 3 o'clock)
Use upstroke, not like on drumset crash
Crash Cymbals Aim leading edge 2” into other plate, not to edge; keep left plate stationary, move right plate into leftone edge hitting before the other, creating a "flam" feeling (but not a "flam sound!)
Gong (Tam-tam) Warm up with light taps before striking