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Trumpet (Euphonium TC)


Trombone (Euphonium BC)


Percussion (4 pages)

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If you have trouble downloading, please contact Mark Petty at 248.854.2419 or zenithbrass@gmail.com to receive audition music by email or US mail.


Audition Schedule


Audition Information

Auditions are held at my home in Troy.   They can be scheduled by appointment for a 30 minute time period almost any day in May through July.  August auditions are on a space available basis only. There is a link to a map at the bottom of the page.

The purpose of the audition is to give us a chance to get to know each other. The audition music will show you music that is typical of what we play and will let me determine where you might fit into our organization. You certainly may also play a prepared solo if you want, but it is not required. There is a grand piano available if you want to have an accompanist with you. If you want a parent or friend to come with you, that is fine. If there are other students auditioning about the same time, you will not be playing in front of them.

The audition music was selected to demonstrate tone quality and your overall ability.  Many of the exercises are lyrical and some are moderately technical.  We want to have the best possible players, but we also want to help less experienced players to grow and learn.  The audition is informal and each section (between double bars) is discussed.

For percussionists: My marimba, snare drum, triangle, tambourine and woodblock are available for the audition. I do not have timpani for the audition at my home, but do have a set of large roto-toms: 12,14,16,18 with timpani type heads. Please bring your own mallets.

Mark Petty
248 879 9362
248 854 2419


Brass Audition Criteria

  1. Tone
    Quality of Sound
    Breath Support

  2. Intonation

  3. Style
    Phrase Length

  4. Expression

  5. Dynamic Range

  6. Rhythm and Tempo Stability

  7. Note Accuracy and Technique

Common Problems

  1. Legato tongue  too separated

  2. Missed accidentals

  3. Incorrect partial (right fingering, wrong note)

  4. Slur/tongue not as indicated

  5. Rhythm not steady

Percussion Audition Criteria

  1. Tone
    Mallet Choice
    Placement on Instrument
    Roll Quality
  2. Rhythmic Accuracy
  3. Tempo Stability
    Mallet Control
  4. Style
    Manner of Striking
  5. Expression
    Dynamic Range
  6. Technique and Note Accuracy
  7. Intonation (Timpani)
  8. Other
    Mallet Bag
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If you have any problems, contact  zenithbrass@gmail.com.  We can send the music by email or US mail.